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I help you create a business you love, teach you how to make the right people want what you sell, and turn this entrepreneur-thing into a freedom-forward life built on your terms. Before you start, we're gonna ditch some broken beliefs, learn strategies that work for you and embrace being paid waaay more to be the so-damn-good-you everyone loves.

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And if you're anything like me, not only are you ready to let your super powers shine (for a fee) and unchain yourself from someone else's dream, you just want an expert to tell you what works, what doesn't and stop wasting your valuable time like the efficient, creative money-maker you are on the inside.

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Learn the exact framework I used to turn my multi-million dollar 1:1 high-ticket service business into online digital programs, and how you can build a course, membership or coaching program powered with passive income strategies that help you create a business and life you love.

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I help you grow a profitable creative business that works for you.

I'm Amanda.


Around here, I share my best business secrets and help thousands of students ditch broken beliefs and failed strategies to create an unstoppable business and creative life you love. I teach the same proven strategies I used to grow multiple businesses that have made millions of dollars, served thousands of clients worldwide, and created enormous impact in my life. Now, it's your turn—let's see what's possible for you.

Cindy c.


"Amanda helped me understand charging more, sales and upselling is easy if you let it be and helped me reframe 'selling' to LEADING. The first year after working with her and learning the systems she shares, I sold 6-figures."

Robin S.


“Amanda helps you embrace talking about money with confidence and shows you systems you need to grow a profitable business. No more nervous nausea every time I hit send on big client invoices.”

Tina B.


“Amanda helped me transform from breaking out in hives when clients push on money or discounts to knowing exactly what I need to say to get hired, sell more and  feel good about myself in the end.”

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I teach the same strategies I used to grow multiple businesses that have made millions of dollars, served thousands of clients worldwide, and created enormous impact in my life so you can achieve the same success in yours.

I believe anyone can grow a wildly profitable business.

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