I'm Amanda.

Welcome to my internet home—I'm thrilled that you found me. You're here for stories, and I've got a few…

I've always done things differently...even mirror selfies.


Little did I know when I made that photo how strong the non-conforming force in me would be. Growing up, I often wondered how (and why) my Type-A brain was equal parts MBA and BFA. Do you know a lot of creative types from small Ohio towns who love building profitable businesses and making art? That's what I thought.

Here, I help you—fellow entrepreneurs and creatives—confidently make more money by doing less and grow your business without the soulsuckery that plagues marketing.

This brings me to the most important person in the room—YOU. If I had to pick one thing in my career that made the biggest impact on my success...it's my relentless commitment to you, the human I serve, and the work I make for you.

I take my job seriously even though I always bring the good laughs. Right now, my job is to help you grow your business, lead your best life, and help you make that happen faster. I keep it simple, straightforward and hella fun with the straightest possible line to profits. I teach the same proven strategies that I used to create my tiny-but-mighty business that has made millions, served thousands, and allowed me to do what I love. 

And now it's your turn. I can't wait to help you and witness the unstoppable business, predictable flow of money and endlessly free life you cultivate &


My family, health = wealth, curiosity, profits, homemade meals, dogs and going big with as little effort as possible. Some call this 'lazy', I call it smart.

I'm allergic to:

Fake stuff (think sushi grass), hustle culture, excuses, fluff (ski snow excluded), inefficiency, soy and I don't high five in workout classes (even before COVID).


Mom-ing pretty hard when I'm not working with my amazing clients. Check the ski lifts, beach chair or national parks if I'm OOF playing with my fam: Tod, Emmet & Zoe.


Turned 10 clients into $1M+ worth of high-ticket business, scaled an “unscalable” creative service business to $8M+ in revenue, co-piloted a plane in the Amazon, climbed Cotopaxi, my business advice published in three books, sang ON STAGE with KT Tunstall, Sheryl Crow & Brandi Carlile (bold justified).


Beat breast cancer, learning how to write (ugh), avoiding career moves because I hate being on camera instead of behind it, making art, continuing to perfect the art of being a recovering perfectionist. 

But building my businesses wasn't easy—because hard things are harduntil you realize it's easy if you design the right business.

Today you can find me mentoring my students online, working with my long-time favorite clients, creating content in my studio or filming new training for entrepreneurs. (Shhh...I'm also writing a book) But when I started my business, I HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING. Every day felt like Bon Jovi wrote "Livin' On A Prayer" just for me.

With zero business or marketing know-how, I channeled my spreadsheet-loving, inner moneymaker and strategically chased my profitable business dreams so I could live life on my terms.

When I started my first creative service-based business, Artisan Events®, I didn't know ANYTHING. I struggled with small things like how to find clients, how to sell, and what's a P&L, again? I got super excited when my credit card wasn't declined. It's embarrassing to think about my early days—I truly can't believe people paid me. But they did. And all I really needed to hook me was that very first dollar. After that, I was determined to never again check into Hotel Broke.

It's been a wild ride since I made that dollar. Since then, I've built service, product, and digital businesses in multiple niches, including my signature online education program, Smart Rich Creators.

And Every paycheck I’ve cashed in my adult life? I wrote myself. 


Taking out a $45,521.01 loan (in today's dollar value) to open my first business BEFORE I had clients or knew how to attract them
Launched my first online course and sold...drumroll...big, fat zilch
Wasted YEARS stuck in a loveless business model I built until eventually filing for divorce after hiring coaches to help me navigate a solution
That summer I lived in my car following The Dead...I should have showered more
Wait, we're talking about business mistakes—now you know I have  ADHD...for me it's 90% superpower / 10% OMFG am I a bird dog?
Thinking my past success guaranteed future success (Hello, Ego!)
Letting perfectionism, people-pleasing, and shiny-object syndrome fill my head with negativity that emptied my soul and wallet

But, regardless of my endless mistakes or the business model, what ultimately enabled my success was my commitment to being so damn good, my mindset and my intense focus on learning, testing, and experimenting with everything. I am hell-bent on improving and automating everything except the magic...that special something that makes clients love you forever and pay you over and over again. Don't touch the magic, friend.
Now, I have two decades of experience chasing business dreams and, more importantly, making them real, all while maintaining an unbusy family life working a few days a week managing my online business from wherever my travels take me. 
I'm not a fancy guru-genius...I'm just a human being that doesn't like being told how much money I'm "allowed" to earn. I 100% made so many WTF-was-I-thinking mistakes along the way. A few of my mistakes that come to mind: 

Eventually, after lots of ass-kicking lessons while building my business in Denver and then Chicago, I turned my art degree into 7 brands, attracted 12 you-know-them-by-name celebrity clients, scaled an “unscalable” creative service-business into a 7-figure agency, and turned 10 clients into $1M+ worth of business all while I grew the online coaching community I nurture here today. Not bad after almost failing yoga in college! 





Team Beth Dutton

Pasta Grannies

Archetypes in Branding

A ski trip with fresh powder



To my dogs snoring #truth

Favorite Things

My Students - The only career thing I love more than turning my passions into profits is watching you do the same in your life! The gratitude I feel knowing my work creates success in your work is real and powerful—thank you. 

This Doesn't suck

Adventures - Belize-it works for me while my business works for me, too.

Family Time - I  designed my life and businesses to maximize every second with my family. I'm thankful my biz allowed me to travel that entire sweet summer when my babes were little.


The real-life people (and puppies) who make my world go round.

The neighbor kids call him Mr. Tod and it just works. He's exceptionally patient with my go-go-go energy and makes a mean Cape Tod, his signature craft cocktail. Also, he's the best.

Mr. Tod 

Bunny hunters, destroyers of Kleenex®, inventors of the 4-hour slightly-awake-day, these lazy ladies live for salmon dinner night. 

Sadie & Mavis 

My first-born! He's blessed with the most amazing curls, is a solid snowboarder and is on his way to building his real estate career. He has travel-sized hot sauce on him at all times.

Emmet John

Zoe's make-up game is strong and matched by her luminous presence. Zo Zo teaches me everyday to check my pronouns, laugh more and drink more coffee. Oh, and increase the family nail salon budget.

Zoe Beth

As Seen In