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I help entrepreneurs grow a wildly profitable business online doing what you love.

I'm Amanda.

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Around here, I share my best business secrets and help thousands of students ditch broken beliefs and failed strategies to create an unstoppable business and rich life. I teach the same proven strategies I used to grow multiple businesses that have made millions of dollars, served thousands of clients worldwide, and created enormous impact in my life. Now, it's your turn—let's see what's possible for you.

Big, juicy business and income goals? You got 'em on your vision board.

You dream of unchaining yourself from that sucky corporate desk, earning more money in your business or heck, just launch the damn thing!

When you overthink about how to start making changes to reach your big money goals? Hello, paralyzing overwhelm. You feel stuck...and think, "Is this dream even possible for me?".


The answer is YES, friend. The business that stands between you and rich-life-you is on the other side of finding the right experienced guide with proven biz know-how to help you shift gears.
The real-life time and financial freedom you crave…there's room for improvement.

I know the perfect business is waiting for you to build it

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I help you get unstuck and change your story from just
surviving to shining bright. 

So you can do the things that matter most to you...on your terms and stop waisting your precious time figuring it all out alone.

here's how I can help YOU...

I teach you how to make simple, action-by-action changes in your life and business, help you earn more, quit trading time for money and build a sustainable, creative business you love all while you take back control of your time and build wealth.

Smart rich creators

build aN UNAPOLOGETICALLY profitable online business 

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I will teach you how to make money.

Learn the exact framework I used to transform my 1:1 high-ticket service business into online digital programs that sell on autopilot, and how you too can build a course, membership or online coaching program with passive-income strategies that create more freedom to live your best life—and love what you do everyday.

Turn what you do, know and love into a high-profit business and high-impact life

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I teach the same strategies I used to grow multiple businesses that have made millions of dollars, served thousands of clients worldwide, and created enormous impact in my life so you can achieve the same success in yours.

I believe anyone can grow a wildly profitable business.

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Robin S.


“Amanda helps you embrace talking about money with confidence and shows you systems you need to grow. No more nervous nausea every time I hit send on big client invoices.”

Tina B.


“Amanda helped me transform from breaking out in hives when clients push on money or discounts to knowing exactly what I need to say to get hired and  feel good about myself in the end.”