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Growing a creative business isn't as easy as it looks! (Insert all of us laugh-crying together.) Maybe you've already got clients, or you're thinking about starting your creative business and wondering: how do I respond to these tricky client questions and still get paid without driving them straight to my competitor?

Or maybe you're drafting a response to yet another question: "Your competitor, Molly, is charging half what you charge..." You have no idea how to you respond in a way that neutralizes the tough question and keeps your client buying and happy!

Respond to "will you discount" without being a turn off or even discounting

6 ways to respond to the top 3 toughest client questions

The secret to leveraging "free" work requests so you can get paid

15-pages of proven strategies I used to create ten 100K+ clients in my teeny creative service-based business

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Believe me—I hear you and I've been there, friend. I'm sharing my 20 years of sucky situations solved with simple solutions to help resolve your problem client questions fast even if you’re a non-confrontational, introvert like me. Stop wasting time overthinking. Swipe my copy, steal my strategy, respond and move along to making more money in your creative business with less time-suck and more happy life stuff. So you can get back to making your amazing work and sharing it with the world!

You love what you do and you make great work but finding the right words for tough topics isn't in your non-confrontational, introverted creative biz skill set.

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