Get Super Paid

Learn my five-step framework I used to make over $1M from just 10 clients without obsessing over internet fame or Insta-likes. Learn to sell your way to the top 1% with premium confidence and get paid more from any stage of your creative business.

get paid with Super confidence

For service-based creatives, photographers & freelancers


Command higher prices booked with an easy yes, even with lots of low-ball competition in town
Make more money from one client than you made last month
Follow an action-by-action blueprint that takes you from scared of 'money talk' to being the consistently sold out go-to expert 
Attract the kinda clients dreams are made of and cherry pick your projects like the creative paid hero you're about to become
Create repeatable sales processes for raving-fan-style clients that love you and keep spending money 

Imagine for a sec what life would be like if you...

The future of your business is decided by what you do between your client saying hello  and you're hired.


Amanda knows her stuff. She helps you embrace talking about money with confidence and gives you systems to get paid more. No more nervous nausea every time I hit send on those big client invoices."

— robin

"Just Do it.

Why? Because it was easier & I didn't know how to talk about money. I knew my never-doing-cubicle-life dreams would die a fast death if I didn't invest in myself, learn how to charge enough so I could afford that expensive medicine for my chocolate lab puppy, Bogey. I was overwhelmed by how many skills I didn't have and where do I even start?

I'd low-ball, discount, negotiate & left huge cash piles on all tables.

And then my son, Emmet, was born. Insert panic alarm. I needed to figure out how to be home to raise him, make great work and get paid enough to support my family. Fast.

When I first started my business

Get confident selling your work, embrace premium believable YOU, get the proven framework you need to attract high-paying clients,  and present like a top-talent pro. Position yourself for greatness. You are super worth it.


Get Super Paid

Learn my proven strategies to turn your existing clients into massive amounts of predictable, repeat and stable income as you grow and scale your business.


module five

Learn the 3 ways to make more money and which two strategies matter most if you do things the right way
I’m giving you the keys to the Get Super Paid kingdom with my 4 favorite ways to increase client spend even long after your Client's original contract is complete
How to turn an average-spending client into a never-ending spring of fresh, new income on autopilot and make any client a potential 100K Client
I’ll arm you with decades of priceless inside strategies I used to attract, land and keep the wealthiest and super famous 1% clients in your biz. (This is where I’d drop name bombs if I hadn’t signed all those pesky NDAs)

what you learn...

Attract the right clients with intention, build a believable brand that gets paid & master your message to use as your story-selling jet-fuel.

MOdule tw0

Making more money is simple math—discover the must-know numbers that give you confidence selling with an easy to follow A to Z framework to not only getting paid but also having profits in the end.

The Modules

Brand Experience

Plan To Profit

module one

Overcome the invisible money barriers holding your profits hostage with authentic strategies and buyer psychology to convert your Ideal Clients.

Money Mindset

module Three

get irresistible inside

Master your mind to master your business—set reality-based goals and learn the #1 thing you must share with your client to achieve them (hint: it’s not your service or product)
Overcome the 7 most common invisible money barriers that are holding your profits hostage (yes, you super deserve to a first-class payday)
Deploy expert-level psychology in your sales workflow to help predict and persuade client behavior to help them open their hearts (and wallets)
Use my own Habits & Rituals Success System I created to help sell millions in my tiny creative business and still have time for life and family

what you learn...

Map out your ready-to-use Client Pricing Guide using my very own Priced To Profit Planner
Discover how to find your pricing-sweet-spot to capture more premium-paying clients without being a turn off for your average-paying clients
Solidify your client booking goals so you know where to best spend your energy and gain more confidence in your sales presentations
Learn the 3 best ways to increase your bookings and pour jet-fuel on your upselling effort to increase Client Lifetime Value (CLV is just a fancy way to say: get paid more often)
Yes, there is an art and science to pricing! Learn my golden rules for the most annoying questions: will you work for free, barter, discount and more.

what you learn...

Visual Learners! I got you. Map out your entire sales journey so you know exactly what to do next to get paid
Have them at ‘Hello’—learn why you don’t even need to “sell” in your client presentations if you nail this part of the presentation process
Eliminate the ‘I hate selling’ overwhelm, boost your confidence when you have all my checklists, scripts and communication tools to guide you & keep boundaries crystal clear
Getting comfy with your presentation is so so super important. Follow my exact Client Sales Presentation Method including how to communicate pricing that skips over all your money-talk jitters and takes you straight to paid-in-full contract

Confidently persuade like the irresistible expert you are with an objection-killing, repeatable pitch-perfect sales system that makes clients scream: "take my money" right before they profess their limitless love for everything you do.

Sales Mastery

module four

what you learn...

Discover the 3 must-have premium brand traits that attract high-paying clients on demand 
Why you need Ideal Projects and Ideal Clients and how to use them both to authentically grow your income. 
Leverage the #1 way to get paid more with integrity-based sales (zero pushing, sleaze-free)
Create the 3 key components in your premium brand in less than 7 days to start getting paid right away
Use my own Brand Experience Guide that created close to 8-figures worth of creative small business revenue

what you learn...

Making more per 1-on-1 client than you make in a several clients now.

How does this sound?

Working with clients that make your heart (and wallet) happy.



the get super paid results:

Create a following of loyal clients who line up to keep buying from you.


Know what to say (and when) to land high-paying clients in your biz.


Ditch the feast or famine weight you're dragging around—get more predictable.



You started your business because you love making great work!

And you love working with great clients. You’ve invested all that time and money developing your craft and skills. You serve clients with integrity. You make something from nothing using your magic creative powers!

you super deserve to get paid.

How It Works

Before you start growing, you need to start from the ground up. I'll walk you through each don't-skip step.

smart start

Ready to open some premium paying wallets? First get into their hearts & minds—I'll show you how.

get paid

Now you're ready to implement advanced stages of super-sizing your client spend in 3...2...


"Amanda helped me understand selling & upselling is easy when you reframe it to LEADING. After that, I sold 6-figures in my 1st year."


6-figure confidence

"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


Made six figures:


real results

Studies have found we regret NOT doing things more than we regret DOING things.

So start now.

Truth: selling is hard—especially for us introverts & ambiverts. Turning regular clients into 100K super spending clients and booking billionaires, celebrities & the 1%? Advanced get paid skills.

I'm giving you all my systems inside. Get Super Paid is your go-to framework to help push your profit path along faster & get you to the premium paid-in-full destination.

You're doing just need help taking your skills to the next level. And you're smart—you know it's way faster for an expert to teach you what works so you focus on the right strategies.

Ready to make more money?

Good news? I've been there & done all that.
Great news? You can learn all these skills.

Seriously! Let's make this getting paid thing easier. All the support materials that helped me sell millions in my small creative biz are inside the Bonus module. Enroll now to get these materials FREE before they disappear in March...

Bonus (and middle name.) 

B is for...

Bonus Module includes:

100K Super Client guide 

Pricing Template

Proposal Template

Get Paid Checklist

Freelancers Get Paid Guide

"You've got 99 problems

And lowering your price to sell easier isn't one of them! Invest in yourself instead— learn how to master leading to get paid more."
— Amanda

Attract and land clients you love and work on projects that make your creative heart sing.

Create pricing that profits & increase average client spend while you line up qualified referrals for new work.

Be able to clearly articulate what you do on demand confidently and make it look damn good, too.

Have a clear plan for profits in place to scale and take your revenues to the next level. 

Ditch your fears—embrace talking about money. Know what to say to get paid (more) .

Set clear boundaries for clients before they cross the line so you get  paid on time without stress.

By the end, you'll know how to...


Transform from literally breaking out in hives when clients pushed on money or asked for discounts to knowing exactly what I needed to say to get paid and feel good about it in the end."

— tina

"Amanda helped me

"Put another highlight from your client's testimonial you are going to want to add the entire thing hear to really drive home how awesome people think your course or product is."


"This program was the best investment—ever!"

"And another one-liner highlight from your client's testimonial you are going to want to add the entire thing hear to really drive home how awesome people think your course or product is."

and another NAME GOES HERE

"This program has gotten me my dream clients!"

Your new make more with less work friend.

I see you through my Kodak® disc camera. And I want to you to feel amazing about your message, meetings, money talk, boundary setting & get paid more. I’m giving you everything that helped me generate millions with integrity-based selling without being anyone other than easy-going me. Now it's your turn.

enroll me, i'm ready to learn

Hi,Amanda here!

What if landing clients was more fun and less chore? It's possible.

integrity-based, hype-free sales zone

Let's be honest—you have lots of options out there to learn how to 'sell'. Get Super Paid is different. I focus on giving you the internal and external tools you need get unapologetically paid, embrace talking about money confidently all while you create a trust-worthy brand that lives and breaths integrity-everything...the kind of credibility that creates raving-fans who line up at 4am to buy everything you offer in your creative biz.

I'll also show you the inner-workings of how I landed the wealthiest (and super famous) humans on the planet & how I kept them happy and buying. Like the teeny client order I eventually turned into $380,000+ of super paid revenue from just a single client using Momentum strategies I teach you inside. Get this along with proposal sample, pricing and so much more to get you from barely-booking to easy paid-in-full.

get unapologetically paid.
Yes. you. can!

You don't have to be an extrovert to practice what I teach (and yes, preach). I'm not! It took me a lot of trial and error to get my groove selling with confidence when I first started my business. 

You don't have to change who you are to increase your prices. You are not broken because pushy isn't in your DNA. I show the 3 key changes that will change everything for you.  You can be YOU and learn to love this part of your business even if you hate it now. Once you understand these key steps, you'll ditch all that negative talk, have all the workflows, scripts and, oh yeah, checklists to help guide you to sell bigger and get paid more. Imagine if after Get Super Paid, you reframe selling into what it can be...a fun game you like to win?

proven framework that works for all service-based, freelancers & creators

If you book sales meetings or calls to get clients, Get Super Paid is designed for you. And yes, it is great for photographers, event industry folks, and all  service-based, freelancer or creators struggling to get paid more in your business. I even show you how I continued landing 5-figure contracts during lock-down by Zoom.

For 15+ years I hired, managed and paid a team of employees and creative freelancers in my business.  My freelancer friends would often confide in me and ask advice about their own businesses—it was always the same I-can't-get-paid struggle story. Not being able to make ends meet. Scared to talk money. Late unpaid invoices. Worried about raising prices. Should I get a day job? How do I even "sell myself" without sounding like a complete fraud? Proposals, pricing, work samples, sooo much to do.

I created Get Super Paid to help you quickly answer all these burning questions in your business so you can get the straightest line possible to profits.

Sweet relief! permission to not be everything to everyone *everywhere*

Service-based businesses are the best & easiest to start. And, yes, you can scale them! I know—I've done it. You and I both know not all profits live online (despite the Facebook ads telling you they do). Here's what you DON'T need to start and grow your service-based business...

— 1000s of followers, likes or fame on social media—hard skip.
— Years (heck, even months) experience doing the service you offer.
— An enormous email list—don't need that either.
— You don't even need to *really* feel confident—but I teach you how.
— Don't need to invest your hard earned dollars in Facebook ads.

What you need is COMMITMENT to making your best work and take action-baby-steps each day to improve all your skills and your client's experience. Start today by learning everything inside Get Super Paid.

deserve more. You're worth more.


Study at your own pace

course access to keep learning overtime

access to our entire get paid templates

Follow a proven roadmap

Get everything you need to get paid with confidence in your creative biz.

This course will give you the exact tools and strategies you need to confidently sell your way to the top 1%. You need to put in the work, invest in yourself, and sweat equity is required. But imagine the impact of earning 5-figures or 6-figures from just one client? Or raise your prices without cold sweats? 

how would that change your life?

Learning how to stop losing clients to 'price', stop wasting time & money figuring it out alone

Build repeatable systems that turn clients into *more* money

Attracting the right clients, working on projects that you enjoy while getting paid your premium worth

Boundary setting, slaying objections before they're spoken, lead to sell your clients from inquiry to paid  & help nurture them to upsell offers so they keep spending

Embrace confidence, master the mental money game and price yourself in first class (like your premium clients fly)

Make more space in life for your life—Get Super Paid means less time working & more time for you to live your happy life

If you want NOW to be the moment you *finally* commit to:


How much you get paid is decided waaay before your client finds you.

And guess who decides? you.

This       for you if:

You need to up level your sales skills

You're OK not getting paid more

YOu're a Service, Freelancer, CREATOR


you're ready to make more money

It's probably         for you if...

YOU'RE NOT into learning expert skills



It's probably
for you if...


Get Paid!

I'm just starting this too advanced for me?

No! Not one bit. Get Super Paid will help anyone struggling to attract premium clients, converting them in meetings and getting paid more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I've been in biz for sometime...will this help me?

If you're complaining about your clients a lot, upset you're not booking consistently or not able to get your clients to spend more, yes, this course is for you any stage of business.

Is this just for photographers & wedding industry?

Great question. If you know me from my wedding business it's easy to assume that. But I designed this course for all creatives, freelancers and service-based business. And it's perfect for photographers and any wedding industry folks!

I'm not an extrovert—will this work for me?

Yes! I'm an ambivert & can't stand sleazy, pushy sales tactics. You'll learn the same framework me & my team of introverts used to make high 7-figures.

I work for agencies as a freelancer—how will this help me?

Everything inside applies to business owners & freelancers that want to get paid—plus you'll get the *just for freelancers* bonus with the inside secrets agencies won't share with you about how to ask and get paid more in agency or studio settings.

What if I can't finish the course right away...can I come back anytime.

Yes—you'll have access to all the course content after the initial 6-weeks and you'll be able to access the course for it's lifetime.

Will I get access to the entire course right away?

April 6th. After you complete the course, you'll have access to everything so you can come back, revisit the materials when you need a refresh or just a whisper in your ear, "you've got this"!

How do I know this will work for me?

If you do the work, you'll see results. I teach and practice making great work! Try it risk-free for 14 days and if it doesn't serve you, email my team and we'll refund you. *Founding Members* reduced purchase price is excluded but don't worry—it will be noted on your checkout page!

Is this course taught live, in-person or asynchronous?

The course is taught online asynchronous PLUS direct support from me during live but recorded (in case you can't make it) weekly Office Hours online for the Founding Members (that's you!). I expect the course price to increase 2-3x when it's open for enrollment in the furture. So don't wait—snag this Founding Member price.

Why doesn't the course begin until April 6, 2021?

So I can focus on supporting you while you learn! You participate in the entire program, answer some emails and reach out to me if anything doesn't make sense to you so I can help you personally. That way you get better, human to human results.

What if you can give yourself a raise
and just be YOU?


Super Clients that spent average $110K+


Years selling premium services


From just my Top 15
Super Clients


Figures from just 1 of my 7 brands. 

My paid experience

shoot me an email

I understand. Every dollar invested in your business needs to work hard. Email me your question & I'll respond personally.

Still on the fence?

You might be wondering why all this tremendous, premium value is packed into a program that I'm offering for $499—am I right? 

I've been teaching this program 1:1 for years. But I practice what I preach: make great work. I want to be sure you get so much value out of this program online you're bursting with I-can't-wait-for-my-next-client-meeting excitement.

I'm offering this waaaay below my usual $1,000 per hour consulting rate for the first few Founding Members. All I ask is you participate in the entire program, answer some of my emails along the way and reach out to me if anything doesn't make sense to you so I can help you personally. Yes, you get access to me for 6 weeks during live weekly online office hours. I'll record them so don't worry! But you need to sign up quick because once the Founding Member $499 seats are gone—that's a wrap.

Hey! What are you doing all the way down here? Well, I'm glad you're still with me. I have a ≈> crazy offer to share with you.

Ready to join?