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Friendly Warning:

"Why do I feel so dang stuck?"

What’s it like to work 1:1 with me at the private level?




Just like you, I’m a profitable business owner, built successful businesses around my passions and created a good life spending my time doing the things I love with the people I love. You and I also know this: 

there is always a dream inside a dream inside a dream inside a dream.

Now, I know exactly what happens next because I’ve felt this way many times in my own long career building, launching and scaling my creative businesses. And I understand what it’s like to be driven, hyper-focused on achieving the “next level” and moving at ambitious speeds towards my goals. And sometimes we arrive at our destination, settle in for a comfy, celebratory rest and then it hits you: you’re not satisfied. 

Everyone around you thinks you’ve got it made while you go on another trip because everyday is a PTO day when you own the business. 

And I also know

And sometimes we get delayed—maybe it’s people in our life, circumstances out of our control, health problems, burnout, caring for loved ones or some failure you face along the way — getting back up from a challenging season feels harder than it should after everything you’ve already accomplished.  But  deep down you know you need to make a change.  And that change isn't "doing more" need a business that works for you.

Get dragged down in our endless quest to do more when we need to do less.

You know money is amazing to have and allows you to live life on your terms, but it’s not the only measure of success. And your new dream inside your dream is big, juicy and it is super scary.

Sometimes folks like us

Creative action-takers like you and me, we don’t wait for other people to solve our problems. We slap our "Watch Me" name tag on, figure it out and make it happen. And that mindset gift is essential to creating a business that funds a real life most folks only dream about. 

When you realize you’re ready to breath life into a new dream, you need new solutions. You need to grow into a business that allows you to enjoy your beautiful life. You need something entirely different than what got you to where you are right now.

What you really know? 

You are made for more.  

The people who helped you get this far? They’re amazing. Blow them a kiss and say

But when we upsize our goals and dreams, you need to get smart, experienced leaders in your corner to help you level up without burning out. You need someone to challenge you, shine a clarity light, give you permission to upsize your life and inspire you to expand into a higher level. 

xx thank you

Elevate your premium brand and get receipts so long CVS is jealous

Embrace high-ticket and ditch the fear holding you back from ASKING for more 

Attract high-paying folks with proof of funds (who love, adore and pay you more to be you)

Expand your visibility, reach and impact as you grow into your dream business, get paid more to be the unchained version of you and stop watching from the sidelines

Discover and fix the foundation leaks holding your income back and learn to love the smell of sweet passive income every morning

That juicy offer idea that scares you into overwhelmed paralysis? We gonna LAUNCH THE THING.

Introducing MY 1:1 Private Mentoring 

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I’m Amanda and I know you're made for more. 

My 1:1 coaching is the permission slip and customized instruction manual your business needs if you want to:

Tackle the tough stuff, flatten that freaking rut you’re trapped in and get outta your own way

Experience exponential growth and be challenged by someone who’s been where you are right now and figured out how to make more money by doing less work

Here’s what you can expect if you work with in my highest private 1:1 coaching level

More often than not, the switch between feeling stuck and limitless is right in front of you. I will help you unpack your dream when you’re too close to see it. My proven track-record will help turn the ceiling you feel pressing down on you into steps you use to ascend to your next level.

If you tell me what you want to achieve, I’m going to hold you to the plan we develop with a friendly-but-firm voice woohoo-ing you each week FORWARD to the finish line until you officially change your middle name from “I'll Start Tomorrow” to "Did That Thing".

If any of this sounds interesting to you, I want to work with you. 

I bring decades of entrepreneurial experience and success measured in multi-millions to the table. I’ve built service, product and digital businesses both offline and online. Everything I’ve created in my career all harness the same essential business success ingredients I teach you how to implement and embrace: premium position, high-profit, high-impact, low-hustle.

Each 3-month period, I accept NO MORE than 2 Private Mentor clients to ensure you get access to the best of me and a coaching experience like nothing else available. I’m not watching the clock during our sessions, I watch your results and help you take the right actions at a rapid pace to build momentum fast.

I’m not for everyone. I’m going to push, challenge, guide and, yes, cheer you towards your goals. I swear. I empathize. I am direct. I crack jokes. I energize you. I tell it like it is. I support you and pass the Zoom® tissues. Sometimes I have to say hard things (you likely already know deep down) but the truth can bring up resistance for accomplished folks like you. Whatever I need to be for you on any given day, it is 100% authentic me and I won’t hold back—you are paying me to NOT hold back!

Despite what many other folks will say, there are thousands of ways to make money and be successful. There’s not “one SINGULAR framework” that works for everyone. I know—I’ve done them all! You will know what to do next, when and I may give you options to see what success path FEELS RIGHT TO YOU. You know why? In Private Mentoring I get to ask you questions, dig deep into your motivations and help customize the right path forward based on your answers. 

I believe fiercely anyone can build a wildly profitable business and you can do ANYTHING as long as you take massive-freaking-never-perfect action. This is a guru-free experience. If you ask me a question I don’t know the answer to, I will find the right expert in my 20+ year wide network that has the answer for you. I’m a professionalist at heart, not a perfectionist and I work tirelessly to help you become prolific in your quest with my ego checked at the door.

I’ve made every mistake in the book and I will guide you, help you avoid the dead end business streets with the straightest path to profits possible. Your investment in me is an investment in speed, clarity and not wasting years and piles of cash trying to figure it out on your own. And yes—working with me 1:1 is an investment but I'm worth it. I teach you to know and believe the same about yourself and the work you make. If you find yourself gasping at my Private Mentoring fee, ask yourself this: When you need a doctor with highly specialized surgical skills, do you want a recent medical school graduate that’s performed the complex procedure a couple times OR do you want a master-at-their-craft surgeon who’s got experience measured in decades? I know my answer.

Last but certainly not least...

I will give you the insight, co-develop the plan and hold you to it each week BUT you have to do the deep-sumo-squat-everything-hurts-I-am-all-in WORK. I can only show you the way, I can’t make you do the work. You have to take action and activate the work yourself.

We have to trust each other. I’m good at what I do and I know you are as well. Any big goal process takes time and while folks hire mentors for a slew of good reasons, I want you to achieve your goals we set in your first Meet, Greet and Goal session with me. That’s why I only accept Private Mentoring for 3-month terms because profit gardens don’t grow overnight. You have to tend the soil, plant the seeds, nourish with water and let the sun shine on your goal-garden. It takes time and I’m in it to help you win it—you have to trust in me and the process.

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Please fill out the application below. Once a spot opens up, you’ll be notified via email with a limited opportunity to pay your first month, sign the contract and start working together.

The Details

Meet, Greet & Goal

Before we officially start, There is a 2-week onboarding process where I share Q&As to dive deep into your goals before we review everything together and develop the outline for your 30, 60, 90 day success plan.

Weekly Session

We will meet privately 1:1 via Zoom to help you work through whatever you need help with at least once a week. If you can't make your weekly session, you can reschedule through my easy online scheduling system.

Program Access

Any new, live programs I’m hosting during our Private Mentoring, you will have unlimited access. 


I’ll share any and all resources and contacts I think will help you.


All meetings will be conducted online through a private video meeting room.

VIP Day Bonus

If you’re in the US and want to schedule a VIP Day with me in person in my Chicago, IL or Chattanooga, TN offices, the Bonus Day is available to you during our 3-month engagement. Please note this is a *bonus*, there is no “value” if you are unable to use it.

3 months of private mentoring

meet, greet & Goal + weekly sessions

access to 1:1 voxer coaching support

a customized 90-Day success path for you

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Investment of 3 monthly $10K payments 

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Got a question? I understand. Every dollar invested in your business needs to work hard. Email me your question.

It's decision time, friend.

As Seen In

I know I can help you and I’m good at coaching you through it all. I’ve been right where you are and the single most important thing that got me OUTTA MY OWN WAY and moving towards my next dream? Hiring coaches. That’s why I do 1:1 coaching work. I feel responsible to pass on all this hard-fought know-how to you. The power and impact this deep, intimate work creates is infinite

You know by now I’m all about making more money by doing less, creating good work with pride & expanding into whatever future you looks like in your dreams.


and I freaking love helping you glow it up.

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Investment of 3 monthly $10K payments